Who's Who and What's What

Characters and concepts for the UnVerse setting.

Arcfire – A strange and powerful magic-driven technology, featuring energy-filled crystals, copper wiring, gears, tubes, and other features that resemble Victorian-era early mechanics. The crystals (called crysalites) are crafted and altered for various functions. The energy visibly manifests as a combination of flame and electricity. The Allies – thanks to rogue Builders and the mysterious dimensional traveler known as Evrin Shard – have developed a competing technology called Crys-Tek.

Baron Damon – One of the few Twisted to publicly enter service for any nation, Baron Damon is a demonic-looking being with great strength, resistance, and hellish powers believed to be of actual infernal origin.

Builders – Mysterious dwarf-like beings from another dimension who have supplied a powerful magical technology, called Arcfire, to the Axis powers. They remain involved in helping each Axis nation develop weapons of war that will ultimately give them supremacy. Rumors abound that they are led by a very powerful entity called The Maker.

Bunker 51 – A semi-secret (but highly rumored about) facility in the New Mexico desert where Gifted and Twisted criminals and prisoners of war are incarcerated.

Clockwork Samurai – Odd-but-powerful automatons developed by the Japanese and used throughout the Pacific Theater, as well as in China. Notable for not having been developed by the Builders and not using Arcfire technology.

Crys-Tek – The version of the Arcfire technology that the Allies are developing. Blockier, bulkier, and less elegant than the devices of the Builders’ making, Crys-Tek devices have nonetheless helped turn the fortunes of the war, stemming the tide of conquest across the globe.

Der Obermeister (The Overmaster) – Germany’s most powerful Gifted, and one of the most powerful on Earth. Combines extraordinary physical and mental attributes with a scientific mind beyond comparison. He is responsible for much of the German war machine, having mastered (and superseded) the Builder Arcfire technology.

Doctor Arcane – English Gifted, possibly the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. He is believed to be primarily caught up in defending the planet from other extra-dimensional threats, though he does lend a hand from time to time against powerful Axis threats.

Doctor Omnibus – British Gifted, believed to be one of the most intelligent humans on Earth. He has designed most of the weapons and machinery that has gone into the constant defense of Great Britain against the Axis powers (including the powerfully advanced planes used by the Silverhawks). His base is the amazing Omni-Fortress, a “flying carrier” that floats high above England, using jet propulsion, gigantic rotors, and zeppelins to stay aloft.

The Ebon Templar – Legend has it that this being is actually a powerful magic entity from Europe’s ancient history. Whatever his origins, he uses his magical armor, weapons, and skills to serve “Lord Hitler” in the conquest of the world.

El Oro Luchador (The Gold Wrestler) – Mexican Gifted, super-strong fighter with a pro-wrestler motif. Currently incarcerated in Bunker 51.

Evrin Shard – A human-looking dimensional traveler, believed to come from the same realm as the Builders, who is aiding the Allies (primarily the Can-Am Compact) to defeat the Axis powers. He’s armed with a number of Crys-Tek gadgets and weapons and is a skilled combatant, but he keeps mainly to the “behind the scenes” realm to aid the weapons engineering needed.

Herr Deutschland (Mister Germany) – German Gifted, a highly skilled warrior with human-peak abilities across the board. Armed with a powerful mystical two-handed sword and equipped with might armor designed for him by Germany’s best scientists and armorers. Recently given command of the Iron Knights.

Iron Knights – Germany’s most feared combat corps, comprised primarily of Arcfire armor designed and built by Builders and further enhanced by Der Obermeister.

The Justice Battalion – The United State’s primarily home guard-oriented collective of Gifted, serving to protect the borders and skies from Axis attacks as well as deal with the many powered criminals and gangs seeking to take advantage of the chaos of the times.

Kommandant Sonne (Commander Sun) – German Gifted, master of coherent light. Currently incarcerated in Bunker 51.

Lady Earthstorm – European villainess (origins unknown) with powers over earth and sky. After raiding an English antiquities museum and stealing some exhibits, she’s remained largely out of sight.

Lady Star – Co-commander of the Justice Battalion, she’s a Gifted with the powers of light at her command.

Lightning Cannons – Designed by Doctor Omnibus, these weapons have been a large part of the defense of Great Britain against Germany’s mighty war machine.

Mar Gatos (Sea Cats) – Elite Mexican soldiers equipped with powerful amphibious battlesuits.

Mente Tempestad (Mind Storm) – Mexican Gifted, mistress of air and storms, as well as being able to channel her power directly into someone’s mind. Current whereabouts unknown.

The Nachtwolfen Battalion – The “Nightwolves” are another elite German unit comprised entirely of werewolves (recruited from the forces of Darkness that currently rule Ireland).

Nightingale – A powerful healer, this Gifted is the one responsible for keeping FDR healthy as he struggles to keep his country strong against terrible forces all around. She has other powers that make her well suited as a bodyguard for him, as well.

Office of Special Services (OSS) – The Can-Am Compact’s branch that deals directly with Gifted and Gifted-driven threats.

Sergeant Justice – Co-commander of the Justice Battalion, he’s a tough, skilled, and inspiring Old Soldier (some say he fought in the French-Indian war, while others think he’s even older).

The Silverhawks – The Royal Air Force’s greatest squadron, flying heavily-modified Spitfires capable of miraculous flight and combat feats (thanks to Doctor Omnibus). Commanded by Group Captain Reginald Montgomery.

The Summoner – Italian Gifted, master of sorcery and summoning magic. He is capable of reaching into a dark, terrible realm and bringing forth corrupt and terrifying beings to do his bidding. Current whereabouts unknown, but he is known to be in cooperation with the Nazis.

Who's Who and What's What

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