OSS-Provided Gear

This is some of the specialized Crys-Tek gear that OSS Agents can be issued if they have need.

Crys-Tek Battle Rifle (Blast 5, Up to 3 targets) [Weapons: Guns]

Crys-Tek Pistol (Blast 4, Piercing 2)

Crys-tek RF 20 (Blast 5, Piercing 2, Up to 5 targets) [Weapons Expert: Guns]

Combat Armor (Armor 3; Communicator; LS: Toxins, Pathogens; Night Vision)

Shock Troop Armor (Armor 4; Communicator; LS: Breathing, Heat, Cold, Toxins, Pathogens; Night Vision, +2 Vision; Targeting +1) [Requires Coordination 4, Strength 4, and Military Expert. Not usable with most power sets]

Crys-Tek Goggles (Super-Senses: Infared, +2 Vision Awareness, Extended 1) [Specialty: Arcfire]

Arcfire Blade (Strike 5) [Weapons: Blades]

The Silver Bullet

Nerf maverick tactical mod by erlkoenig

OSS-Provided Gear

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