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The Unending War – An ICONic Campaign

It’s 1948, but not in our reality. In this reality within the OmniVerse (a multi-dimensional cosmology of truly epic proportions), World War II rages on with no end in sight. This is why American and other papers have come to call it the Unending War.

Germany has an iron grip over almost all of Europe and parts of North Africa. Early in the war, the Nazi war machine was dramatically enhanced by strange and powerful technology. This technology – a kind of magical tech called “Arcfire” – was granted to the Axis Powers by a strange, otherworldly race known only as the Builders. Armed with strange and devastating weapons and vehicles, the Wehrmacht rolled over all opposition, even driving the American forces almost completely out. The Allies are barely hanging on in the Norway/Sweden/Finland region and the region between Romania and Greece.

The Japanese Empire has spread throughout Asia and the Pacific; the Allies are barely holding the line at Midway, the Solomons, and Papua New Guinea. Like the Germans, they have been supplied “super weapons” by the Builders. As well, ancient mysticism has been tapped into to bring forth mighty samurai, shugenja, and even ninja.

(Though technically a partner in the Axis, Italy has become all but a complete puppet state to Germany; the nation’s troops are primarily used to garrison strongly held areas, instead of being armed with the more advanced weaponry. There is a growing resistance within the country.)

Britain continues to hold out, in no small part thanks to the efforts of Doctor Ominbus and the Silverhawks, whose mighty aircraft and daring flying continues to own the skies.

Doctor Omnibus is one of a few of the Gifted who openly fight for the Allies. Der Obermeister, the Ebon Templar, and Baron Damon are three of the most powerful Gifted serving Hitler, while Hachiman and Raiden lead a pantheon of gods and oni for the Japanese. The Gifted (and their monstrous counterparts, the Twisted) first began appearing shortly after the Tunguska Event of 1908. Something in the explosion – whatever it was, though most theories hold it was a huge meteor – triggered genetic mutations across the planet. In most cases, generally benevolent (and often highly useful) changes occurred in folks. At first, some people simply used their abilities as needed. A few became entertainers and features in circuses and carnivals. A handful set out on grand explorations, or went into dangerous situations and disaster areas to help people. These were (and some still are) called Adventurers.

And some put on costumes and identity-concealing outfits to fight crime, often opposing those Gifted (and a few Twisted) who turned their abilities to evil or personal gain. These were the Mystery Men and Femmes Mystère that struck in the night and behind the scenes against crime lords, strong arm thugs, and even more powerful threats.

At the same time that the “Meteor Effect” was changing some folks, it also awakened (some say re-awakened) magic in the world. Supernatural beings, most of whom represented threats to the people of the world, became more than monsters under the bed. Gods and demons arose, and sorcerers and alchemists took up the ancient practices once again.

Not surprisingly, given Der Fuhrer’s fascination with mysticism, the Nazis have incorporated dark magics in some of their efforts to dominate the world. In fact, it was the use of an insanely powerful magical rite, in combination with mystic powers unleashed by some Russian sorcerers, that brought a magical ice age to Russia and most of Eastern Europe.

Ireland, in an attempt to once and for all shake off the shackles of Britain’s control, made a deal with otherworldly beings from something called the Pale Lands. Their dark bargain led to the Emerald Isle being overun by elf-like beings called Shayakar, and creatures of corruption and undeath. Realizing their mistake, many have taken up arms to fight back against these beings, leaving Ireland in a state of civil war. Adding to the chaos is the fact that only the magical technology of the Builders even works there anymore.

Australia and New Zealand have seen their share of terror and destruction, primarily at the hands of the Japanese war machine. Age old prejudices against aboriginals have been largely set aside as the European transplants have come to appreciate the ancient powers the natives are able to wield against the enemy. Add to that some rather impressive “junk tech tinkering” and the extraordinary daring of the folk who live Down Under, and it’s not hard to see why most see their chances as better than the average Allied nation.

The ancient beings of Egyptian mythology have arisen as well, and have expanded their control to much of Africa, including Libya and most points south (though not South Africa). They are openly at war with the Nazis for control of the rest of North Africa.

In Central and South America, the ancient powers of the Mayan and Aztex empires are at war, with most of the people reverting to worship of one or the other pantheon. As in Ireland, most technology simply fails in the region (though arcfire works there fine).

Mexico has joined the Axis Powers and has received ample resources and support in order to harry the United States. Fortunately for the U.S., Mexico is now dealing with the mystical powers on their southern border, which drains their military power away from their efforts to retake Texas.

As for the United States, the nation remains the hope of a world at war, still strong, yet harried and ragged from years of war and financial woes. A highly expanded relationship with Canada, called the Can-Am Compact, has improved both nations’ strength and capacity to wage war. The efforts of some of the greatest scientific minds in the world – including Albert Einstein and Doctor Eileen Montgomery – has provided some rather amazing weaponry and machines to keep the balance against the Axis. Add to that the aid of some rogue Builders, and Can-Am forces are slowly building up to an offensive to push back against their enemies. Led by such heroes as Sergeant Justice, Lady Star, and the rest of the Liberty Battalion, the Gifted of the Can-Am Compact may be the world’s only hope.

(As a side note, the atomic bomb has not been invented, nor is there any sign of it even being thought of in this reality.)

At this time, scientists estimate there are probably around 2700 Gifted across the globe; most of them of are very low power, and many of those folks don’t have particularly combat-effective abilities. A small number of them, however, are of fairly impressive ability and power, and it is these men and women who have the capacity to change the world.

(The number of Twisted – those who manifest mainly grotesque physical changes with low-to-middling powers, are believed to number somewhere between 4000 and 7500. More accurate numbers are hard to attain due to the reclusive nature of most Twisted, many of whom live in colonies as far away from civilization as possible.)

The Allies are holding their own – barely – on numerous fronts. There are fears, however, that the worst is yet to come.

Seraph by clinton kun

Will you answer the call and fight for a world free of fear and tyranny?

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