The Silver Bullet

The Hovercraft Transport for the Valiant Corps


This Item uses the UnVerse Resource System I developed for my campaign.

Group Transport, Ground (Speed 4, Coordination 2, Structure 8; Can carry up to 8 with rapid deployment hatch) [14]

Qualities: Advanced Communication and Sensor Package; Armor Plating (+2, figured in); Enhanced Speed (+1, figured in); Weapons, Basic (Damage 6) [6]

Challenges: Sponsor (CanAm Compact); Hovercraft (needs relatively flat surface to operate); Poor Maneuverability (-1 Coordination, figured in) [-3]

Total Cost [17]

Note – The image is near-perfect, except for the fact that it’s flying; the Bullet is a hover vehicle, operating “nap of the earth.”


The Silver Bullet is a prototype hovercraft troop transport. It has been granted to the Valiant Corps (the Allied team of Gifted operating in the Resistance Zone) for field testing. It looks very much like a high-end diesel locomotive, gleaming silver and armed for bear (or panzers).

The Silver Bullet

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